Why Work as a Webcam Model?

The income of a webcam model is very high. To earn a lot of money, you need to be ambitious, committed, and have an outgoing personality. In addition, you need to follow the advice of our team at Back Channel Media. They will teach and train you to become a successful webcam model. Our team will explain everything you have to do and will show you the tricks of webcam modeling, in order for you to quickly earn money to build a future.

We Ensure Your Privacy

Privacy is important at Back Channel Media. You will always remain anonymous with our members. Security, safety and anonymity are our top priority. When working as a webcam model your identity is 100% protected. We want you to feel completely relaxed if you are working in one of our Seattle location webcam studios, or if you are working from home. All our models choose a nickname for each online modeling website, no employee will reveal it.

What You Need to Do to Start?

Computer, webcam and high speed internet. We'll let our tech team work with you to determine any short-comings. At the end the day, fast and clear audio/video and a trouble free system will add up to more dollars.

If you work in one of our studios in our Seattle location, we provide models with an i7 desktop computer, 4GB video RAM, Logitech HD Pro Webcam C920 and a screaming fast 1 Gbps bandwidth. You'll never be pixelated in our studios.

Why Back Channel Media?

Of course there are a lot of other webcam modeling agencies to choose from, but Back Channel Media understand the industry and what's wrong with it. We are changing the industry, one model at a time. We personally educating, train, incentivize and support our webcam models to help them become successful. We offer revenue sharing, scores of traffic and premium placement on our partner sites. We personally invest in your success!


What's Next?

Fill out our short form. Once we verify that you're 18 or older, one of our Model Liaisons will contact you via email to answer any additional questions. Explain how we are different from our competitors and how it benefits you. We'll go over our incentive programs, privacy and safety measures and payment options.

Contact Us

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